About Outex

Outex - Outdoor Experience is the event entirely dedicated to the design, regeneration and realisation of outdoor environments, conceived according to the new trends of relaxation and well-being. 

Outex is an exclusive showcase of products and services for the outdoor space equipped in any private, public or public context: the park of a sports centre, a campsite or holiday village, a resort, a wellness or spa centre or any structure devoted to hospitality, right up to the urban green space, the city park, a large terrace, the garden of a house or condominium.

Within Outex - Outdoor Experience the excellence of the sector will find space and visibility, from the design to the fitting out of outdoor spaces with solutions for outdoor leisure and wellness, in line with the latest market trends and needs. Three high-intensity days, further enriched by the presence of experiential installations, designed to recreate, in the pavilions, real environments in which to present innovative solutions for diverse outdoor contexts and by the synergies that can be activated with the concurrent events dedicated to the world of swimming pools (private, public and placed in hospitality, thermal and Spa contexts), sports centres, fitness and wellness clubs. 

Outex is a B2B exhibition where the buyer can be a private company, a facility management company or the public administration.


Why Outex

The home – the main safe-haven asset in which Italians prefer to invest – and its outdoor green space are more of a focus than ever today, as shown by the numbers and growth rates of sales in the industry sectors that revolve around the diverse outdoor universe, under the lens of the Nomisma Observatory The World after Lockdown. The calming and ‘therapeutic’ effect of green care is the motivation of almost one in two enthusiasts (43%), and aesthetic motivation is also important, with 18% of green lovers dedicated to this passion to make their home more beautiful and 12% dedicated to keeping a tidy space close to their home.

In this flourishing market, the greater portion of leisure time spent at home, combined with the desire to live well in a beautiful environment, has led to an increase in the number of gardening enthusiasts, from 16 to 19 million people. For outdoor furniture, this translates into a turnover of approximately Euro 5 billion in Italy, with over 1,400 companies operating in the sector. Recently, ISTAT added products like “tables, chairs and furniture for outdoor spaces and gardens” to the consumer price index basket, while ExportPlanning described a world trade increasingly marked by sustained growth trends in the sale of gardening products and outdoor furniture.

According to FIMAA (the Italian Federation of Business Brokers), the demand for residential properties is growing steadily and is oriented towards properties with gardens, balconies, terraces and larger spaces to be used for smart working, as well as towards more energy-efficient homes. And these clear trends in the selection of a dwelling are expected to consolidate in the coming years.

Younger generations increasingly appreciate urban green areas and greenery in all its forms, and every space in the air is equipped at best. According to research conducted by GardenResearch.com, a new environmental awareness is spreading and is encouraging people to use every available green space in order to improve the quality of the environment in which we live as much as possible.